Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Remembering Velvet, and Jerry filling her pawprints

 Yesterday was a year since we buried our lovely little Velvet cat, she'd gone missing on the 1st July and our neighbour found her on the 9th, under some shrubs at the front of his house - she had been hit by a car :(  We only had her for two years, but she was the best little cat in the world, she had so much character, and was so gorgeous.  Everyone loved her.  Those of you who used to read the 4 Legged Wiums blog, will remember reading of her antics!
RIP pretty girl xxx
A few photos of her:  

 With her friends Snoopy and Arrow:

 Getting to know Snoopy, not long after Snoopy joined our family:

Jerry has certainly taken the job of Velvet's pawprints very seriously, and he does a pretty good job of it too.  He's nearly as special as Velvet was.  He's about the polar opposite of Velvet as far as brains and intelligence goes though ;-)  Velvet was very clever, and loved to hunt things, Jerry is the dimmest cat we've ever met, and has never hunted even a moth!
Here's a few photos of Jerry and his pack that we've taken recently, they enjoy sharing the warmth from the fire!
It's nearly Jerry's gotcha day, so this can double as a happy gotcha day Jerry post too.


RuralPlural said...

Omigosh that photo of Jerry with Rocky by the fire is too gorgeous. Look at his round fuzzy tummy! I just wanna poke it!

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Jerry is so handsome. He is just small animal safe. Low prey drive. :-)