Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Very Overdue Catchup - with photos!

Whoops, I have been a very slack blogger, again.  Tho as I was thinking about it, so have many others lately! hah!

There's been lots happening.

On Sunday morning we went for a big fun dog walk in Woodhill Forest with Jasper and Lexi the Great Danes (and their human Laura), Pepper and Folly (and their human Emily) and Mint the Beagle (and his human Manako) - unfortunately poor Cinnamon had been at the vet the day before, so wasn't able to join us on our walk.
We all had a great walk, the dogs got along famously, and the rain held off for us too.
A couple of pics that Manako took on her phone:
Rocky and Lexi up front, then Jasper and Mint, followed by Pepper and Folly.  Snoopy was off somewhere hunting bunnies!
 One of the few times we got our feet wet due to flooding.
See that white dot in the distance, to the right of Emily's head?  That's Snoopy - off hunting bunnies again.

It's been winter here, can't wait to see the other side of it.
Here's a typical evening in our household:

And today is Rocky's 11 month (so very nearly 1 year) birthday!  I've got the dogs at work with me today, and Rocky's enjoying chewing on a very sad looking pink stuffie.

I've decided to stop attempting to do agility with Snoopy, we're not getting anywhere, and she just switches off and doesn't seem to enjoy it.
Rocky and I are booked in for the beginners class starting on October 16th, so he'll be 13 months old then.  No full sized jumps until he is 18 months tho!

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Sagira said...

Looks like a great time. Happy almost 1 year b/day to Rocky :)