Friday, June 22, 2012

Jerry the dimmest cat in the world

Yesterday I was doing some training with Snoopy, and Jerry decided he'd like to come along and see if the dog's treats were worth eating.  Yet he NEVER eats anything except for his kibble from his bowl.
Have a laugh on his account :-)


Honey the Great Dane said...

Aww....we think Jerry is sweet!! :-)

(and I think Muesli has a crush on him after watching that video!)

Honey the Great Dane

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Poor Jerry... no respect. :-)

Oh, and you asked about doing a blog post about all of the hounds. Yeah, I probably should. We had 6, but recently lost one of the husband's. I thought he would write a nice eulogy for me to post, but he hasn't.