Thursday, February 9, 2012

Troublesome Thursday

Well, it was actually Wednesday night!
Puppies can be troublesome... as I'm sure you all know. Rocky's latest addiction is taking all of Snoopy's bedding out of her bed and putting it around the back yard - maybe he thinks we need to do some new landscape design?

Last night, hubby & I went out for a dinner date, and left the dogs in the secure yard [with numerous toys] to entertain themselves.
We got home to find Snoopy happily waiting for us, along with her bedding all over the lawn... and no Rocky to be seen. Hmmm! We could hear him whining though..... So, I went into the laundry (where the dogs sleep), and Rocky was in there, on top of a shelf (which is about waist high)! He must have climbed on top of his crate which is next to the shelf, then onto the shelf -in the hope that he could reach the piles of clean dog bedding and towels, to take outside.
He was well and truly stuck, and couldn't figure out how to get down. He looked hilarious! Unfortunately I didn't get a photo - in hindsight, I should have! He was so pleased to see his rescuers, he was wagging his little body so much, that the whole shelf was wobbling.

Oh, the joys of puppies eh!
Here he is, enjoying some cuddles with HIS human, too cute!


Sagira said...

Welcome back! :)

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

That is when you recreate the photo... I've done that for the blog before. :-)