Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Babies for the weekend

We had babies visiting for the weekend, not human ones, or canine ones, but cute little feline ones, and their mummy too.
A friends friend found them in her backyard and under her house, so my friend went and helped her catch them all.

Then they needed a place to stay for the weekend, before going to the SPCA. As I work for the SPCA, mine was as good place as any for them to stay, and it meant they could start their seven days stray time which they have to have, before they can be adopted out or desexed.

Mummy cat is beautiful, though very skinny - feeding four babies and she's pregnant again already, must take a toll on her. They munched through 500 grams of kitten food from Saturday to Monday afternoon!
Very hungry kitties, though mum was very industrious, and when they were found, they had a packet of bacon and a packet of sausages open that they were eating from! Mum must have stolen them from somewhere!

Here's the babies having a sleep together, they were all very shy to begin with

This little one was the most scared to begin with, by the end he would come upto me slowly, he'll be tame in no time :)

This wee one was also scaredy, but I could pick him up without my hands being torn to shreds!

My favourite. He (lets just say they are all he's... I didn't bother to check them) was scared on day one, and after half an hour of me sitting with his Mum and giving her cuddles, he decided I wasn't so bad after all, and was the first one waiting to be let out and have cuddles after that.
and again

Their beautiful mumma. She is just the sweetest thing, so friendly and sweet. I'm sure she will find a new home in no time at all :)
Yes... I was very, very tempted to keep Mumma cat, but somehow managed to say no [this time]

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Cinnamon said...

They are all so sweet! I want to give them hugs!!

Cinnamon's mum