Wednesday, February 8, 2012

First things first, introducing us!

Hello and welcome to our new blog!
We are a little family of [obviously] two dogs, one cat and two humans.
We live in Auckland, New Zealand, and enjoy taking our dogs out on lots of fun adventures! Some of you may remember us from our old blog, which unfortunately I had to delete... long story, I won't go into that!

Cat first:

Jerry is a nearly two year old small ginger boy, with a strangely short tail, and a very large personality - he's the boss, no questions asked. Jerry follows in some very big paw prints of our beautiful cat Velvet who tragically was hit by a car and killed in July 2011.
We adopted Jerry from the Auckland SPCA l
ast year, after Velvet died. He settled in very quickly, and Snoopy soon welcomed him into our home. He often reminds Snoopy, that although she was there first, he is in fact, THE BOSS! (with a swipe on the nose).

Snoopy is a mid-sized female Fox Terrier x English Pointer, she will be four years old in June. She's full of character and loves nothing better t
han a quiet cuddle. We adopted Snoopy as a 20mth old, full of the joys of the joys of a teenage dog! Snoopy came from Waihi SPCA less than a month after our wedding, in October 2009.
Snoopy and I dabble in agility, we aren't very good - of course, this is due to human error! We have previously done a little bit of Pet Outreach Therapy too, but have put that on hold for a while, as Snoopy's decided it's not her thing late
Rocky is a mixed breed boy, whom we adopted three weeks ago from the Council dog pound at Manukau. Rocky will be five months old next week, he currently weighs 11.8kg. We were told when we adopted him, that he was a Kelpie x, but his breed is really anyone's guess - we will have to see how he grows and matures!
As far as puppies go, he is pretty well behaved, sleeps through the night, doesn't chew too much stuff that he's not supposed to, doesn't bark unless playing with Snoopy, has only had three toilet accidents in the house too!

Snoopy is enjoying having a little brother, she had lost a lot of confidence from playing with rough dogs in the past, but has recently come out of her shell, and now remembers how much fun it is to play and run, and just be a dog. She's loving having a new addition to her canine pack.

The two humans are Helen & Noel, we got married in October 2009, and in between house renovations and all that comes with owning your first house, we have been adding to our four legged pack and I think, it's finally complete :)

Thanks for stopping by to read our first blog post, I'll try to blog regularly and share our adventures. No doubt poor Jerry will be a bit left out of this blog world, but we'll try to have one Jerry day a week!


liliana876 said...

Beautiful dogs...I mean pets = )

sprinkles said...

^^^Yes, beautiful pets! Tried to follow you but blogger wouldn't let me. I'll try to come back and try it again.

BODIE said...

Great to have you guys back blogging and nice to meet Snoopys little brother. Wonder if he'll like agility if hes part kelpie.

Cinnamon said...

It's great to have you back in the blog community, with a new family member!