Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Oh I've been a slack blogger lately!!

Sorry for the lack of blog posts lately, I don't really have a good excuse either, just not a lot exciting to blog about!

Here's a recent pic (taken yesterday) of the terrible two, they got to come to work with me and had a great day in the office.  There were lots of visitors here, including Melinda Merck from the States - she's a veterinary forensic specialist, and was here doing training with other SPCA inspectors from across New Zealand.  Both dogs got a lot of attention and love, and it was great for Rocky to be in a new environment (lots of people, food, noise etc) - he took it all in his stride and LOVED all the attention.

At lunchtime I took them for a walk at a local park, the autumn trees and leaves are so pretty at the moment.  I got them to pose for a photo - tho they were more interested in watching a lovely rottwieler playing ball.

As you can see, Rocky is growing like a weed, he has nearly doubled in weight since we adopted him (nearly four months ago now), on Tuesday he weighed 19.2kg, when we adopted him he weighed 9.8kg!  He will be eight months old next week- wow, time flies!
His training has been a bit stop-start unfortunately, but he learns so quickly!
I've made a deal with my husband (Rocky is supposed to be HIS dog) for him to train Rocky, he's got a timeframe in mind, and the faster he reaches the goal we've set, the better.  He's got a monetary 'reward' for him to go and buy some toys for himself, that will depreciate each week that it takes him longer to get there.  We'll see if this motivates him ;-)

Snoopy's agility is going okay, we're supposed to be aiming for a competition on the 9th June... I'm not sure, as our last attempt at a competition failed so miserably, that said, it was a year ago now. (wow, didn't realise it was that long ago....)
We're definitely not doing fabulously by any stretch of the imagination though, we seem to be somewhat slow in the learning department!  how embarrassing!

Jerry's becoming even lazier now that the weather is cooling down, he's enjoying snuggling up on the bed with us at night, and not wanting to wake up in the mornings!


Sagira said...

That picture of the two of them at the office is so cute. So lucky to be able to take them in with you. I would love to be able to do that.

BODIE said...

Oh it sounds like your agility competition schedule is the same as ours. We went in one a year ago and planning to go in the NSDTC one on the 16th I think it is. Don't want to rush these things. :-)