Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend - lots of pics!

I did a bit of sewing, as it's now dark after work, (in anticipation for when Rocky will walk on lead well enough around the block), as Rocky is such a dark colour, I thought some hi-vis vests for the dogs would be wise.  Here they are modelling them

Today we went for a drive up north, to visit Noel-John's parents.   Rocky's first ride in the big car, not in his crate - he no longer fits in it!  As you can see, he thought it was most interesting being able to see out of the back windscreen:

 On the way we stopped at Stanmore Bay for a walk to burn off some of Rocky's energy before our lunch at the inlaws, and to make the most of the amazing autumn weather we've had all Easter weekend!
Rocky found some seaweed:

 Posed for a picture:

Chased his ball:

Snoopy took in the view from atop some rock pools:

After lunch, we went for a walk at Arkles Bay - the beach down the road from Noel-John's parents house, with his family and their elderly Border Collie called Glory.

Rocky really wanted to be friends and play with Glory:

 Obligatory photo of Snoopy:

Pretty Glory and her stick

Rocky had a go at playing soccer with the balls, he soon got a hang of the game, he had to get to the ball before one of the boys, he got pretty good at tackling it off them:

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Sagira said...

Those sure are nice and bright. :)

Looks like a great time on the beach.