Tuesday, March 6, 2012

them ears, again! and a training update

Puppy ears sure are amusing, here's a pic I took a couple of nights ago, they have changed again! I really hope they prick again!!

Snoopy and Rocky are best buddies, here's the two of them sharing a small dog bed on the deck, yesterday evening.

Training update:
We've been having problems teaching Rocky to walk on a loose leash, it's very frustrating!
So I sent a long winded email pleading for help, to my friend Emily who is Pepper & Folly's human.
She sent me back a very helpful email, including a telling me to have a look at Kikopup's leash walking video on YouTube. We'd been attempting something somewhere along these lines, but it needed fine tuning.
Here goes me admitting our mistakes....
Unfortunately my husband had been told that he can't expect a puppy to walk nicely on a lead until they are a year old!!! I knew this wasn't correct, and had to find examples of how to show him this, as he respects the trainer who told him this, it's understandable for him to trust what he's taught. Therefore, Rocky was being allowed to pull on the lead (yes, = reward... I know, I know).

So yesterday evening, I took Rocky onto our patio and did some training with him, ala Kikopup's video, we progressed to our front yard, out the gate, and back and forwards along the footpath in front of our house.
This was at rush hour, so there was traffic backed up on the other side of the road- we had an audience! Including a lady who was talking to me out her window, while she was sitting waiting for the traffic lights to change; she told me what a lovely pup he was, and how well he was doing - YAY!! :)

I'll try to get a video of how Rocky's loose leash walking is coming along.


Cinnamon said...

It's nice to hear that Rocky's loose leash walking training is progressing. I can't wait to watch his video!

BODIE said...

Hah hah, yeah I tell my class to practise their loose lead reverse walking in a street other than their own. Even though pride is highly overrated, I should know, I've just picked myself out of a hedge, care of my dog!!